Reused and recycled timber, products & kindling

Acorn Woodshack is a wood recycling workshop & shop for reclaimed timber, upcycled wooden furniture and quality locally made gifts and home wares.

How does it work?

Acorn Woodshack is a social enterprise that saves timber that would otherwise be burned from construction sites across the Island. We de-nail it and cut it to length to be sold from our store. 

The timber is also used to make high quality products, as well as kindling which is sold directly from our shop at Acorn in Trinity.

What can I buy?

  • Clean serviceable timber at 60% of the cost of new timber.
  • Wooden furniture made from the reclaimed timber, including benches, planters etc.
  • Recycled wooden furniture from our Reuse Centre, cleaned and repaired
  • Kindling produced from unserviceable timber - a quality product packed in recyclable bags.
  • Bespoke wooden products 

Who benefits?

Well you do, with great prices for timber and quality products to buy! But the Woodshack also benefits Jersey in a number of ways:

  • People with a disability receive employment and training.
  • Reduces the amount of material imported into the Island.
  • Reduces local waste and carbon emissions.
  • Conserves a natural resource.
  • Provides affordable, upcycled wooden furniture and building materials for low income families and local small business.
  • Individuals on work placement schemes learn basic carpentry and employment skills.
  • Generates income for charitable purposes.
How to find us

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