For orders of logs, please call John on 07797 819997. Timber sales on weekdays only.

Acorn Woodshack, a social enterprise, is a wood recycling workshop where furniture and quality gifts are made from timber that would otherwise have been thrown away. We de-nail the wood and cut it to length, to be sold from our store or made into new high-quality products.

The Woodshack is now a zero-waste operation. We use unserviceable timber to make kindling and even sawdust is collected to make briquettes, which are sold as winter fuel.

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What can I buy?

  • Clean serviceable timber at 60% of the cost of new timber.
  • Wooden furniture, including benches and planters.
  • Bespoke wooden products, like tables, benches, bookshelves and signs. 
  • Recycled wooden furniture from our Reuse Centre, cleaned and repaired.
  • Kindling, which is on sale at Acorn Reuse, a quality product packed in compostable cardboard.
  • Briquettes, on sale at Acorn Reuse.

Who benefits?

You do, with great prices for timber and quality products to buy! But the Woodshack also benefits Jersey in a number of ways:

  • Creates jobs and training opportunities for people with a disability or long-term health condition.
  • Reduces the amount of material imported into the Island.
  • Reduces local waste and carbon emissions.
  • Conserves a natural resource.
  • Provides affordable, upcycled wooden furniture and building materials for low income families and local small business.
  • Generates an income which all goes back to opportunities for Islanders with a disability.
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